10 Spring Activities for Babies and Toddlers


Enjoying Spring with your Baby

10 Spring Activites for Babies & Toddlers

We made it – it’s officially spring! Spring is all about growth, new beginnings, celebrating the outdoors and feeling the sunshine…and the rain. These are the kind of days that can start out chilly but warm up fast, so layering is essential. Get prepared by keeping baby dry, comfortable and sweat-free in our natural wicking baby clothes! We are the first baby activewear brand. And now it’s time to kick it off spring with some classic seasonal activities to do with your little one! These are guaranteed smile-makers!


Get Toddlers Involved with your Gardening

Let’s Go Fly a Kite: Whether you create your own, or buy one, this activity is plain and simple joy!

Catch fire flies: All you need are your hands, a jar or bug box, and then watch these amazing bugs light up. Just remember to let them go after your baby observes them for a little while!

Go on a Picnic: Spread out a comfy blanket in your backyard or venture to a favorite scenic spot for lunch or dinner. Instant fun for all ages.

Plant a garden, bulbs, or seeds: Show your toddler how to dig, plant, water and nurture plants. Love and respect for nature is a priceless gift that your child will take with them always.

Cloud Gazing: What shapes, animals or other interesting things can you and your toddler see in the clouds? Lay in the grass and look up, or pause during a walk and let your imaginations run wild!

Go for a Nature Walk: Check out the wonders of nature with your child. Our previous blog post on Early Spring Nature Walks gives some ideas of what to look for!

Make Mud Pies! What baby or toddler doesn’t love a good, muddy pie—with mud-caked hands to boot! Let them get really dirty. Lark Adventurewear has the perfect infant activewear for down and dirty playing!

April Showers: Pull those boots on and let your kiddo jump around in rain puddles, or collect rain drops in a watering can to be used on a sunny day. Side note: Adults are also allowed to hop around in puddles!

Outdoor Yoga: Bring your mat outside and teach your toddler some moves, or let baby enjoy some fresh air tummy time!

Explore the neighborhood: Walk and talk with your child about what you notice changing from day to day in your neighborhood. Is the grass coming in? Are the flowers beginning to bloom? Any birds’ nests? What do they smell? Hear?

Whatever you choose to do this spring, delight in the experience and make great memories with your baby!

“It’s spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you’ve got it, you want—oh, you don’t quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!”
― Mark Twain


Working Out with Baby: A Family Affair


Blog Post 3 Working out with parents

Family Nature Walks

Being a parent requires a certain kind of resourcefulness. And when it comes to exercise, as active parents, we can tap into that creativity and think outside the box. Living a healthy, energetic lifestyle doesn’t have to mean spending hours at the gym each day. So, how can we get our workout in, while at the same time making sure our little one is having fun too?

Blog Post 3 working out with parents 3

Creative Workouts with Baby!

Here are some practical ideas to try out on your family:

  • Go for a walk at least once a day: if your baby is just learning to walk, you can alternate the stroller and walking, or wear your baby; watch for landmarks, or animals, or anything you can think of to engage your child (and yourself) as you go. Wear leg weights if you want to take it up a notch.
  • House party: Dance around the house to your favorite tunes; this is not only stress relieving and fantastic exercise, but a bonding experience. You may even pick up some new moves from your toddler!
  • Work in the yard: Kids adore dirt, so let them dig and pull weeds while you do the more intensive labor.
  • Chores around the house: integrate exercises into daily chores such as stepping up and down on your stool while dusting, or doing a different yoga position in each room of the house. Your toddler can try to do some of these as well. Post exercises on the fridge each week and try to complete them all.
  • When you’re at the playground: Find a bar and do some pull ups; look around and see what else you can come up with while having a grand old time with your baby.
  • Plan active playdates such as walking around the zoo with friends or going on a hike. Check out our eco-friendly infant activewear that will keep your baby dry and comfy while playing their heart out!
  • Play like a toddler: Get down to your child’s level and mimic their actions. They will love it and you will most likely get a good workout in!

Children emulate their parents, and we are inspired by our babies to be the best we can be. Showing our kids, from infancy on, how to be fit, strong, inventive and motivated, is a way of life that enriches the entire family. We hope you are inspired to find new and clever ways to get active with your little adventurers!